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Better Together: Tape + Cloud

Standing Up to Cyberattacks

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With the crushing cost of cyberattacks, organisations are looking closely at data protection and disaster recovery practices and to halt attacks and/or mitigate the damage if they occur.

Best Practices

  • Create a physical segregation of networks.
  • Regularly test critical data recovery procedures.
  • Mitigate the threat of insider attacks with managed services.
  • Reduce the risk of planned attacks with remote data protection through automated, randomised network disconnection.
  • Encrypt data in-transit and at-rest with multiple different keys.
  • Create a dedicated environment for offline data testing.

Better Solutions

Protect and Isolate your Critical Data

Serving as a powerful last line of defense, isolated recovery can restore critical data after a destructive cyberattack. Going far beyond traditional disaster recovery, a copy of mission critical data is taken and isolated in a secure, physical environment disconnected from any network. In the event of an attack, it can be recovered more quickly and efficiently.

Validate Data in a Virtual Cleanroom

After an attack, many organisations rush to recover, risking the restoration of data that’s still compromised. A virtual cleanroom is a highly secure environment where data can be validated ‘clean’ before actual recovery takes place.

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Better Together: Tape + Cloud Standing Up to Cyberattacks- A digital key concept

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