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Better Together: Tape + Cloud

The Key to a Better Hybrid Storage System

While moving archived data to the cloud has its advantages, it still makes sense in many cases to keep some data on tape. This means a hybrid approach may be a better way to go. The key is to use advantages of each medium and tiering based on required availability to ensure data is protected and preserved, yet still available and accessible.

Better Together: Tape + Cloud The Key To A Better Hybrid Storage System Pros and Cons

Need help with your hybrid data management strategy?

Many organisations find they’re not equipped to manage the transition as well as the new hybrid environment. The right partner can help:

  • Manage and protect tapes offsite while having a service to restore data when needed
  • Protect data in secure data centres with geo-resiliency and fixed cost retention
  • Perform cloud data management without hidden fees
  • Help you transition to the cloud in the most secure and cost-efficient way
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