Iron Mountain Clean Start®

Transforming your Workplace


Iron Mountain Clean Start®

Transforming your Workplace

Workplace transformation begins with Iron Mountain Clean Start®

Iron Mountain Clean Start® is a program designed to transform your workplace as you are cautiously returning to the office. As you will find your workplace environment transformed by COVID-19, we can help you transition into your new way of working for example by navigating a variety of real estate changes, including reconfiguration of your existing space, occupancy in a new space or office closures. We’ll manage the clean-out process from start to finish and provide services to facilitate the donation or secure disposition of materials or equipment you no longer need and the temporary or permanent storage of those items you do.

  • store or dispose of physical records

  • relocate file rooms offsite

  • image documents 

  • digitise key workflows

  • dispose of or remarket IT Assets servers, PCs, IT assets

Best of all, our experts will assess your processes and provide advice on how to best redesign business workflows and digitise records in the future, so your workplace always remains modern and optimised.

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Secure Storage
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Iron Mountain professionals can help you identify records for relocation to our secure off-site facilities where they will be tagged and classified, tracked with RFID labels, easy to find when needed using the Iron Mountain Records Management Portal.
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Iron Mountain® Offsite Vaulting services provide you with a comprehensive data protection solution for transporting, storing, managing and retrieving your backup media from a secure, offsite facility.
Secure Destruction
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Avoid the chances of a data breach by having a clear strategy for securely destroying, recycling or repurposing media and other IT equipment. 
Digital Transformation
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Whether you are looking for a faster and more accurate monthly close, or want more time to put the human back in Human Resources, we have a solution that will support your department’s critical business goals.
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Our team will work with you to create a document imaging solution designed to achieve your short-and long-term objectives. Our experts will recommend ways to increase efficiency by managing your information digitally.

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