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Does your business need same-day scanning of new documents or bulk- scanning of archived files? Iron Mountain’s document scanning service help you transition to a digital workplace & future-proof your business. We’ve successfully guided hundreds of organisations through the process of converting paper-based documents to digital files through our local processing centres.

Our document digitisation service will integrate your organisation’s documents into one secure, streamlined system. Whether you need to convert your hard-copy files, financial records, legal documents or other important information – our bulk scanning solutions allow you to maintain compliance & improve turnaround times so you spend more time on core business activities.

Once your documents are scanned, Iron Mountain will store your records within our secure local facilities. Have no use of your files after they are scanned? Iron Mountain provides an end-to-end solution with our document shredding service.

For 70 years, our experienced team have provided a wide range of scanning services to companies large and small. These include:

  • Bulk document imaging and on-demand scanning solutions.
  • Ready access to your critical documents anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Secure offsite storage and fast retrieval of your scanned documents.
  • Best practice for secure chain of custody, access to information and industry compliance.
  • Medical records scanning.
  • Legal document scanning.
  • Microfiche scanning.

Looking for expert document scanning services? Call our bulk imaging specialists on 0800 732 255 or click here to request a call back at a time that suits you.




Get Rid of Your Boxes and Piles of Paperwork

Our document scanning and imaging solution converts your paper piles into a library of digital files.

Scan As You Need

By scanning your documents, you get a secure solution for converting to a digital format providing you with fast and easy access, anytime you need them.

Store or Destroy What You Don’t Scan

Most companies don’t need to scan every single document in their office. Securely store your documents offsite or shred documents you no longer need so you can save even more space (and money).


Services we provide

Workflow Automation Two People Standing Around Woman Holding Tablet | Iron Mountain

Workflow Automation

Automate and streamline your back office workflows.
Back File Conversion -Man Using IPad | Iron Mountain

Backfile Conversion

Unlock the value of information in your stored paper records and documents.
Day Forward Conversion -Woman Smiling | Iron Mountain

Day Forward Scanning

Move to a more paper-free way of working.
Imaging and Indexing-Boy Printing Ironmountain Documents | Iron Mountain

Enterprise Document Scanning

Complete solution for document scanning, with a streamlined workflow that’s designed to meet the needs of your business.
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